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eGenuity is the developer of high-tech POS (point-of-sale) software. Specializing in POS solutions for the quick lube, car wash, retail and restaurant industries, eGenuity now supports customers in nearly all 50 states, Canada, Russia, and South America. Business owners both large and small have already seen that eGenuity offers the most powerful and affordable high-tech POS software, and that's why eGenuity continues to be the elite POS solution for over a thousand customers worldwide.
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POS software systems should provide owners with the tools that will allow them to provide better customer service. These solutions will assist the operators with their day-to-day operations and management. Better customer service breeds new business and better management breeds better business. We strive to provide solutions that fulfill these two definitive needs with our eLube, ezWash, and ezCashier software. For more information on our software packages, click on the product you are interested in, or contact us directly.
Our Pricing
Financially, the price of software is dropping significantly. We at eGenuity have always believed that the industry is quite often "taken advantage of" when it comes to technology and software. For this reason, our software is priced at an amount that makes sense for the customer and makes sense for us.
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