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eGenuity - Car Wash POS Software
eGenuity - Quick Lube POS Software
Invomax Repair Shop Software

Software Solutions For The Automotive Industry.

eGenuity is the developer of high-tech POS (point-of-sale) software. Specializing in POS solutions for the car wash, quick lube, and automotive repair industries. eGenuity now supports customers in nearly all 50 states, Canada, and South America. Business owners both large and small have already seen that eGenuity offers the most powerful and affordable high-tech POS software, and that's why eGenuity continues to be the elite POS solution for customers worldwide.

Car Washes
ezWash POS

A fresh approach to Car Wash Management Software. ezWash utilizes ideas of many car wash chains across the United States.

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Quick Lubes
eLube POS

eLube is a State-of-the-Art POS (Point of Sale) software package designed specifically for the quick lube industry.

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Repair Shops
InvoMax Software

Software solutions that will assist the operators with their day-to-day operations and management.

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Setting Your Business Up For Success

We offer a wide array of products for car washes, quick lubes, repair shops, c-stores, & more that allow your company to grow and run more efficiently. Our products are great for large multi-store operations or smaller single shops.

Our Products

POS software systems should provide owners with the tools that will allow them to provide better customer service. These solutions will assist the operators with their day-to-day operations and management. Better customer service breeds new business, and better management breeds better business. We strive to provide solutions that fulfill these needs.

Management Tools

The ability to effectively manage inventory, do sales reporting, track customers service history, look up parts, and printing professional looking receipts is important for an automotive service business. A new software solution from eGenuity will provide these basic features and more. Your business may require an upgrade for its automotive lube software or a new fast lube point of sale system. We have a solution that will meet the needs and requirements of your full service or quick lube oil change business.

The Basics

There are many benefits available when you take advantage of our software solutions. When you are using a system that includes the most effective and efficient tools, then you can boost car counts, increase your ticket average, and improve productivity. Our products are an all-in-one solution for your business. With over 200 reporting functions to manage labor, sales, scheduling and much more.

Ease Of Use

The simple to use and user friendly interface will keep your employee productivity high. Complicated systems have a tendency to frustrate technicians and lead to longer service times or a lack of use contributing to mistakes or poor record keeping. Our auto repair POS software can be installed on a Windows-based PC and is compatible with iPhone and Android devices. If you operate a car wash business, we offer car wash POS systems as well featuring integrated car wash controllers.


The POS system in use at your business needs to be reliable. Our automotive lube software is a robust and affordable product that has been designed for both speed and efficiency. To keep you up and running, we offer full support with your software. On top of telephone support and regular product updates, we are able to remotely connect, diagnose and repair any issues online so you’re never stuck with the downtime of waiting for a technician.

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