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Since the launch of its first software solution for the automotive industry in 2004, eGenuity has prided itself in providing world class products and services to its customers. Many of these products have been on the leading edge of the technological curve with others changing the way business owners react to the ever-changing landscape. From the onset, eGenuity recognized that software for the automotive industry was not as progressive as other industries and made a huge difference by providing solutions that were fresh, adaptive, and smart for business owners and the overall automotive industry alike.

A driving force behind our success has been the philosophy to form partnerships with both our customers and industry leading vendors alike. By forming mutually beneficial relationships, eGenuity opened the doors to a vast array of opportunities and ideas that would have not been available otherwise. These opportunities and ideas were then nurtured into products and services that benefit not only our customers and vendors but the entire automotive industry.

Starting out with humble beginnings with just a handful of employees in 2002, eGenuity has grown into an organization that now services thousands of users in the car wash, convenience store, quick lube, repair shop, and dealership industries. eGenuity continues to be a front runner in creative thinking and strategic engineering that is exciting for our us, our customer, and industry leading partners.

Technology has advanced at a pace like no other time in history. During this time eGenuity has not only kept up but has often set-the-bar for the standard in the software and technology for the automotive industry. Being innovative, developing smart products, and forming strong relationships with industry leaders will insure that eGenuity continues to trend in a positive direction for years to come.


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