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Auto Shop Management Software Supports Multiple Tasks and Processes

Shop management systems can support many of the day-to-day tasks and processes performed in an auto repair shop. Unfortunately, even with management software available, some shops continue to deal with some functions manually. By doing this, the business is considerably less efficient, less profitable, and sales can be lost. An increase in shop efficiency equates to an increase in vehicle turnover. More time is available; therefore, more services can be performed. A shop that uses management software will see increased vehicle throughput and improved overall shop performance.

Utilize the Complete System

Auto shop owners and managers are well aware of the level of resource utilization in the facility. The desire is to see every bay filled with a car under repair and to see every technician busy working on a vehicle. A shop that does not use its management software to the fullest is more dependent on people. Conversely, a shop that does utilize technology is less dependent on people. The shop that effectively employs management software is more efficient.

Manage Workflow

Managing interaction between the service advisor and the technicians via the software system improves overall shop efficiency and profitability. Because of the increase in efficiency, the technicians have time available to perform work on more customer vehicles.

Parts Procurement

Sourcing and procuring parts is a task often done outside the system. There are numerous reasons for doing this, none of which is completely valid. When parts are procured through management system software, efficiency and accuracy are greatly improved. Time saved can be used on value-added activities.

Simplify Inventory

Auto repair shops rely on a well-organized parts inventory. When a customer's vehicle needs a specific part, and it is not in stock, customers often go elsewhere. Manual inventory tracking is inefficient. Auto shop management software streamlines the inventory process. It not only eliminates tedious spreadsheet data entry, but the system also alerts management when part inventory hits the minimum order point.

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