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Automotive Shop Software: What Can it Do for You?

Technology has made life much easier, at least for some. While vehicles are also more technologically advanced, it can go either way. Many people used to work on their vehicles but now can't. Mechanics and technicians have to be certified in more than one area and keep up with the trends. However, it also means that automotive shop software is ever-changing, as well. This software is essential to help you build your clientele, give customers what they want, and keep technicians and other staff happy.


Customers want to feel plugged-in, even when they're on the go. Most of the time, they can schedule services and do most of their planning with their smartphone. Therefore, it makes sense that your automotive shop software allows them that luxury. When they can book an appointment online through their smartphone or computer, it makes them happy.

It's also important that you can find their information quickly; they are likely to give their name when they walk in, so you should have a way to look up their record. That way, they don't have to tell you the same information each time they visit.

Improve Communication

Customers rely heavily on you to tell them when their next service should be. While they may come in for a severe issue, such as the brakes or transmission, they're more likely to visit you regularly for oil changes and other maintenance. They aren't likely to remember these things, even if you add that corner sticker to the window. Therefore, it's best to have a system in place to automatically remind them of upcoming service.

There's a dual benefit, as well; when you remind them, you can also let the technicians know that this work is coming up in the next few days. Visit for more information.

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