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How Can Software for Shop Management Increase Productivity and Profitability?

Are you are content to see your technicians spend hours of their time making phone calls to find the parts they need, at the right price? If you hope that all repair times have been logged correctly, and you hope the VIN was noted correctly, then you probably will not be interested in software for shop management. However, if you want your shop to run efficiently and you want accountability, accuracy, and increased profits, then shop management software can help you accomplish your goals.

Time Management

People are only given so many hours a day to work. Every minute saved by using shop management software is a minute that can be used to finish more repairs, which equates to higher profits.

Every time you have to make a call to find the part you need, only to be put on hold while they look at the other end, is wasting your time and costing you money. The same thing is true if you have to go back to the workstation to double check the VIN. It may only be minutes, but in the extremely competitive vehicle repair business, a “penny saved is a penny earned.”

The cost to repair a vehicle is made of parts, labor, and overhead. The more efficient the business is, the more profitable it will be.

Parts Management

Almost every vehicle repair requires parts. Hundreds of non-productive hours are being spent every year at parts stores. The service writer spends many hours every week checking the current price and availability of parts. In the end, you markup the price that you pay in hopes the market will bear it.

Software for shop management lets you develop a parts price matrix. This ensures you make the same profit on every part that is purchased, used, and sold.

If you want your business to be more efficient and more profitable, employing effective shop management software is a big first step in the right direction. Visit the website for more information.

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