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How Car Wash Controllers Help Manage the Business

Years ago, long before the introduction of car wash controllers, managers worked long hours for little pay and were expected to keep driving profits and efficiencies with little or no help. Managers and operators were expected to understand the equipment, repair it, and manage the business and the people.

Things are different today. Software has been introduced into this traditionally labor-based business. Like all automation, the software started with the basics; tracking sales and labor data and logging equipment failures for later analysis. As technology improved, so did car wash software and controllers.

If You Are in This Business, How Can Automation Help You Succeed?

The first step is to identify the features that are important to your particular business. The software and controllers that are currently available are very powerful, comprehensive, and extremely fast.

Make a checklist of everything that will improve your business and how it can be improved with the help of technology.

Once you have identified the needs, look into what systems are available and how they perform. The objective is automation; you should consider efficiency, reliability, and security. The best system is one that minimizes human involvement.

Multi-site Capability

Multi-site operators will want to be able to share information and data between sites. For management, this provides easy, on-the-go management capability. Using a smartphone, managers can control the business from anywhere; crucial decisions can be made quickly and disseminated instantly.

Manage Employees

Car wash automation is invaluable. Employee work schedules can be monitored. Employee hours can be monitored effectively, and overtime can be managed far better. Employees can clock in and clock out using their mobile phone or fingerprint readers.

Car wash operators are keen on finding effective ways to expand their services and build a loyal customer base. Car wash controllers are one of the ways being successfully employed. Contact eGenuity for more information.

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