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POS Software and the Quick Lube Oil Change Business

If you are in the business of oil changes, you probably have a great deal of competition. After all, dealerships, garages, some department stores, and automotive shops also provide these services, and you may have direct competition from other local quick lube oil change services. If you want to succeed, it's best to stand out from all the rest, and you can do this with the right marketing, back office, and management support. This support is readily available in economical and convenient form, known as point of sale software.

Why Choose the Best POS Software Programs?

Most businesses today are using some kind of point of sale programs, but they are either bare bones or do not have the kind of features you need to improve your business substantially. This is why eGenuity developed a program like eLube. It is not a generic "one size fits all" program. eLube is designed specifically for motor oil change businesses, and this can give you an added edge over the competition.

Make it Easier for Your Staff

Why install a hard to use or complicated system, if your staff is going to have problems with it? eLube is designed to make it simple and easy to use, so there will be fewer problems and mistakes.

Make it Easier for the Customer

eLube is integrated with CarFax. This not only lets you provide a free and convenient service to customers, your business benefits in three ways:

  • Free advertising for your shop
  • Increased customer loyalty
  • More repeat business and referrals
Greeting customers will be easier because your people can use Android or Apple tablets or smartphones. They can scan barcodes, swipe cards, and easily print out receipts on the spot. This will greatly reduce the time your customers have to wait.

Secure Data Management from the Cloud

If you wish to integrate your inventory with other stores, eLube makes it easy. You can access a central data server from the Internet. This lets you check out their inventory and supplies without interruptions to other store's business, and it allows you to utilize only one server for all stores.


With eLube, your quick lube oil change business is assured of high security because you control user access to features like inventory and customer personal information. You also have the power of biometrics, where features like fingerprints are used for positive identification. Go to https://www.egenuity.com/ContactUs/ to inquire about a free demonstration. You also can click here to download a free eLube brochure, or you may call support at 1-800-600-4955 ext 2.



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