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Software for Your Auto Repair Shop

If you are used to doing everything at your auto repair shop on paper, you could be making errors or not accounting for all of the time, resources and parts that go into every service for your customers. We make auto repair POS software that could give your repair shop's efficiency and productivity a big boost. With our software, your customers can input their basic information. This takes the onus off of your employees so they can get right to work repairing the vehicle.

Our POS software for auto repair centers has an easy to use interface. Even if your employees are not people who enjoy a lot of technology, they will have no problem learning how to use our software. The touchscreens make it easy for employees or customers to input their names, phone numbers, addresses, make and model of vehicle, license plate and more.

Once one of your mechanics starts to work on the car, our POS service allows them to input notes. When customers return for additional services, employees can look up what has been done to the car in the past, such as when the last oil change or tire rotation took place. Employees can also use the software to track the parts and products used in the repair. This allows you to do more accurate billing. Our software also ensures that your employees' time is carefully tracked on repairs.

When you are looking to boost efficiency, track profits or increase the productivity of specific employees, contact us at Egenuity. Our auto repair POS software has the potential to revolutionize the way that you operate your business. Give us a call today or visit us online at for more information about our software and how we can customize it for your needs.

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