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Things Your Car Wash Point of Sale System Can Do for You

While POS systems might seem antiquated, they're still prevalent in many industries. Most people use them without even thinking about it. Whether you're hoping to streamline the car-washing experience for your customers or make it easier for you to take payments or generate reports, a car wash point of sale system is essential. These systems are the backbone of your company; without them, you are likely to work harder and lose business.

Wash Types

The goal of any POS system is to adapt to whatever the customer chooses. Many times, car washes have multiple cleaning options, such as an express wash, detailed clean, and more. Customers are likely to pay right there when they choose their type, so it's best to have a system in place that can handle all that.

If you're a full-service wash that has a variety of technicians onsite, you may want something that can integrate with tablets or handheld terminals, as well as cash registers. That way, you can greet customers, they can choose which options they want, and technicians can quickly get the information and get prepared to handle their needs.


Regardless of which type of car wash you own, you need to have in-depth reporting. The system you choose must track sales and share data efficiently. That way, you can always check transactions, sales, key stats, and much more. You can quickly determine how much labor you're likely to need, find out how much more you made this month, and make sure inventory is on par.


Your car wash point of sale system should also take a variety of payments, such as cash and credit cards. You may also want to set up a loyalty card feature, allowing repeat customers to save money and time.

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