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Vehicle Maintenance: Finding Your Dependable Service Station

While it certainly is not exciting, vehicle maintenance is going to insure a longer life for your car, catch potentially dangerous issues sooner, and keep your factory warranty valid. Vehicle manufacturers are going to have different requirements on what is required, yet most mechanic shops will be licensed and capable in servicing your car, no matter the make. This means that you have a lot of choices when it comes to where you take your car to.

Finding a Service Station

Finding a service station that you can trust may be a bit difficult. Many people find that chain brands of lube service stations take away some of the anxiety associated with searching for a station. They will follow the same procedures at all locations, and will also be recognized by car manufacturers. Another low stress service station idea is the dealership. They will have quick access to the correct parts, and will be very well versed in your specific car make. However, they do have some disadvantages to consider. Dealerships are notorious for overcharging for their work, they can also be very high pressure on issues that might not be a priority, and they can take more time to get the work done.

While chains and dealerships can provide your car the service that it needs, some people prefer to take their cars to their own mechanic. This is a great option if you already have a mechanic that you trust. Make sure that they are recognized by your car manufacturer, and won't void your warranty. A huge advantage to using a mechanic for regular maintenance is that they will be able to handle a wider variety of issues, all in their shop. Lube chains are somewhat limited in what they can handle, and what parts they stock.

Benefits of Staying Loyal

No matter who you decide to take your car to, make sure to be a repeat customer. There are many benefits to coming back to the same place. Most places will have fast lube software that tracks the work history of your car, making it easy to provide proof of regular maintenance if you ever need it. Many places offer loyalty programs as well, so that you get a little back for your oil change. The most important reason to stay with a service station that you like is comfort. Finding the right service stations can be difficult, once you do find one that fits you it makes very little sense to jump around.

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