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What Does Repair Management Software Do?

Running an automotive repair shop is an excellent way to help others and do what you're passionate about. However, it can quickly become a hassle if you have to keep track of everything in your head, such as how many repairs you currently have, keeping customers updated on the status, and everything else. If you're wondering what to do, repair management software could be the answer you seek.

What It Is

Repair management software is designed to help you track everything related to the automotive industry. Whether you are focused on inventory, how many employees you need to have onsite, or how many repairs are in the queue right now, you need software to help you keep it all organized and together.

Customers are in a hurry more now than ever before, which means they won't wait while you sift through a ton of paperwork to get the information they need. Along with such, peak hours can be tricky to get through if you don't have software that makes it all streamlined.

Save Time

Have you ever finished out the day and let the employees go home, only to realize that you still have a full day's work at night? You can save time by using repair management software because you won't have to run from one end to another handling everything as you go. You can also purchase tablets or other devices for everyone so that they don't have to go back and forth, either.

Generate Invoices/Reports

Automation is your friend when it comes to generating reports. Whether you're creating an invoice for services rendered, creating a quote, or giving an estimate, customers want it in writing, and they want it legible. Plus, you can create reports for yourself to help you determine how much you're spending, how much money is coming in, and your ROI. Visit for more information.

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