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What Factors to Consider When Buying Service Shop Software

As a repair shop owner who provides routine services, as well, you have seemingly endless things to consider. You're always looking for ways to bring in new customers, retain current customers, find talented people to hire, keep them happy, and so much more. If you sometimes feel overwhelmed, it may be time to look for service shop software that can make your life easier.

Has What You Need

You can find a variety of service shop software products online, which means you've got choices. It also means you need to determine what you need the product to do and how often. For example, some software focuses primarily on organizing customer information, which is helpful. However, if your technicians need a way to streamline estimations and get their tickets, you may need something that does more than one thing.

Streamlined Office Tasks

The best products are designed to streamline everything you have to do, including managing the vendors and technicians, handling invoices, checking inventory and ordering parts, scheduling appointments, and more. The list is never-ending, and you can find service shop software that does it all. It just takes a little research and planning.


You've probably heard the term and may not even know what it means. Web-based software means that it is downloaded to your computer or device, but the information is housed online. You can access it anytime (from anywhere), but you don't need all that space on the computer or tablet to keep it running.


In most cases, you aren't going to be familiar with the software because you've never used it before. Therefore, the company you choose should offer training to help you learn. If they don't, they should give you a trial period so that you can play with the system and learn more about its functions. Contact eGenuity to get more information.

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