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Why Use Shop Management Software all the Time

In the past, vehicles had a small computer chip that didn't do much, other than keep track of the odometer. Now, however, cars and trucks have complex computerized systems that make it almost impossible for the average person to repair them personally. Therefore, these newer customers are now going to auto repair shops to get work done, and you need to ensure that your processes are streamlined. To do so, you may want to consider shop management software for a variety of reasons.

Save Space/Time

Most repair shops are cluttered, though everything appears to be in the right place. Instead of having a paper-filing system that requires a lot more mess and organization, you can keep everything on the computer. All the information you need is available with a few clicks, which means you can get work done faster. Plus, you can input customer information without the risk of losing it or being unable to read it later.

Along with such, you can also save a lot of time by using the software. Your technicians can determine the problem much faster because they have access to schematics and more. Plus, they can estimate costs, print out written estimates, and more. You can schedule appointments and ensure that you don't overbook any slots, which means you've got fewer rush jobs and disappointed customers. Likewise, you can order parts and check inventory faster.


As an auto repair shop owner, you're probably focused on how well your employees perform and how efficiently they work. With shop management software, you can measure their performance and average how long they take to complete similar jobs. You can get up-to-the-minute information about their work, which can also help you plan for future needs, such as how weekends differ from various weekdays.

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