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LOF-Xpress™ Oil Change
Ted Sage

"We chose to go with eLube due to our special interfacing needs with our write-up kiosks, with our digital queuing system, with our integrated audio/video with each service ticket, along with a number of other system integration needs. They have been exceptional to work with in trying to understand our specific workflow and tailoring eLube to help enforce our desired 'best practices'. I would highly recommend eLube and the eGenuity folks."
American Lubefast
Scott Hesprich - 54 Locations

"Our move from CompuCarCare to eLube has been a wise business decision. eLube's centralized database has allowed us a significantly higher level of control over our data and we can easily access information on all of our stores from a single source. The reporting module has allowed us to see transaction data both in summarized and detailed fashion. The built-in accounting integration module has allowed us to break data down and import it into our accounting software in order to create analytical reports in ways that were never possible with CompuCarCare. We view eLube as an integral part of our future growth plans. I would highly recommend eLube software by eGenuity."
Pioneer Quick Lube
Tim Bell - 26 Locations

"Our recent conversion to eGenuity was very smooth. The elube product works well for the stores individually and has greatly streamlined life at the main office. On top of that, the folks at eGenuity are nice and great to work with. I recommend them."
Uncle Ed's Oil Shoppe, Inc.
Dennis Coggins - 29 Locations

"After several months of researching and testing several POS systems, eLube was clearly the best choice for our company. We pride ourselves on providing our team with the necessary tools to be successful with fast professional service. eLube has helped us meet this goal. Most every employee is used to windows-based software so the transition from Radiant to eLube was comfortable. eLube provides us the opportunity to be flexible in how we want to have our system set up. The support has been timely and effective."
Aqua Clean Car Wash
Lou Brito

“When opening my newest location it was important that I be able to customize both the Software and Hardware to fit my needs. eGenuity allowed me to add a “security door” to my pay stations that gave me an extra level of security during our off hours. I was also able to customize the pay stations with my colors, my decals, and my screens so everything “fits” with the overall “look and feel” of the wash. The ezWash Software is also flexible and allows me to seamlessly run my express wash without gates. The eGenuity line of products do not force me to run my wash based on limitations of the software but rather allows me to run my wash in a way that best services my customers. eGenuity has always been responsive when I do need assistance and I look forward to a long relationship with the eGenuity Team.”
Dream Wash Auto Spa
Arshad Niaz

“The features, functionality, and price point of the eGenuity Software just makes sense. The ezWash Software has been a Big Plus and their service team and professionalism is second to none. We are very happy to have partnered with eGenuity and look forward to a long relationship as we expand.”
Xpress Car Wash
Chase Burns

"With our ever expanding business and our continuous focus on improvement eGenuity continues to be a great fit for us. It is rare to find a POS software company that offers a product so robust but yet capable of being tailored to your companies’ unique needs. We come up with a lot of unique ideas and things we want to try and in the past have been unable to due to incapabilities from our past POS partners. Once we partnered with eGenuity we have made a lot of those ideas into a reality. It is great to finally partner with an organization that shares the same vision of continuous improvement and is dedicated to making our business stand out amongst the competition."
Time-It Lube
Jeff White - 25 Locations

"eGenuity continues to deliver products that allow us to grow our business. An entire suite or marketing products including Gift Cards, Customer Loyalty, Email Marketing, and Unlimited Monthly Programs have made it easier for us to keep car counts and ticket averages above industry standards. The Back Office and Management Tools allow us to effectively monitor and manage our business from anywhere at anytime. The eGenuity Management and Support Teams are always responsive and friendly and it has been a pleasure to work with them over the years."
Sunshine Car Care /DBA Super Lube
Tom Chambasian, President - 40+ Locations

"In 2011 it was clear that Super Lube was in need of an upgrade to its POS Software. After thoroughly researching all of the solutions available we decided to partner with eGenuity. Our conversion to eLube and the eGenuity line of products in early 2012 was a smooth transition thanks to eGenuity's team of knowledgeable employees and their ability to "go the extra mile" when needed. Our Back Office staff was elated with the time-saving features related to Accounting and Payroll Integration, Fleet Management, and Data Replication. Our Marketing staff was delighted by the wide range of robust marketing products and eGenuity's ability to tailor products to meet our needs. Our Management staff became more knowledgeable on day-to-day operations as they were able to view "real-time" stats from their smart phones. Our relationship over the past 2+ years has been very positive as eGenuity continues to deliver products that "work" and allows us to grow our business."
Papa Tom’s Express Car Wash
Brian Nystrom

“I run multiple express car washes. eGenuity offers a perfect package that fits all my needs. Their Technical Support as well as the Onsite Installation and Training Teams are second to none. I am very thankful I was able to partner with eGenuity and am looking forward to working with them on all my future projects.”
J&K Holdings
Kevin Davis – 7 Locations

“Our partnership with eGenuity 2007 continues to be a great business decision and has allowed us to grow and expand our business. The eGenuity line of products allows me to run on solution for both my Quick Lubes and Car Washes which is the way it should be and just makes sense. An array of products including seamless integration to my accounting package, robust and flexible marketing tools, and informative management tools has giving me a competitive advantage by keeping me informed and allowing me to be creative. Not having to worry about the Point-of-Sale solution on a daily basis and when adding new sites is a big relief. The eGenuity Team has always been responsive and very easy to work with. I would highly recommend eGenuity and their products.”
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