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Buying an Auto Software Program for Your Car Wash

If you run a car wash business, you will obviously want to keep track of all the supplies you have purchased, the number of customers visiting your shop each day, and your business' profits. Most companies that create custom software solutions offer predesigned products for shop owners. However, since car washes are generally quite different from conventional shops, you can't purchase a standard software program and adapt it for use in your business.

Instead, you will need a dedicated auto software program that is custom-designed for use in a car wash. At eGenuity, we offer exactly that! Our auto software programs are designed for use in car washes exclusively. Here are just some of the many features that our auto software provides.


Marketing is essential in any business. As a car wash owner, you will need to design intelligent marketing campaigns to attract more customers. Our program lets you create gift cards, design loyalty programs, and set rewards, as well as create a dedicated email marketing campaign and manage subscriptions accordingly.

Payment Optimization

Our program is designed to make your business as fast and efficient as possible. With our auto software program, you can optimize and streamline the transactions process, making it easy for you get paid in a much quicker fashion. You don't have to worry about any missed transactions with our program!


Your business is likely to fail without proper management. If you are running several branches, you need to analyze the numbers before making any decisions. How many employees do you have on the roster? Are these employees actually delivering value to your business? Do they arrive on time and finish all of their tasks before leaving?

As the sole owner of a business, we understand it can be quite overwhelming to keep track of everything. However, with our program that's designed exclusively for your business, you needn't worry about a thing! Just open up the management tab and take a look at all of the business metrics and important figures before making your next decision. It's important to know where the money is going and how you can improve your profits.

All of this information will be displayed right on your screen with just a couple of clicks. At eGenuity, the needs of our customers reign supreme. Our software program is comprised of different features that will help you make better business decisions. However, you don't need to be a tech expert in order to take advantage of these. Our program has a very simple graphical user interface you can use to access all of these features.

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