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Effective Marketing Ideas For Your Car Wash

As the owner of your own car wash, you will already understand the huge benefits that come with effective marketing. Though sometimes the day to day running of the business can drain your creativity. While the financial success of your business is of paramount concern, you also need to take great care of your customers. The pride that a customer feels after visiting your car wash should compel them to tell all of their friends and family about the world class service that your car wash has provided them. Below you will find some great marketing tips for you to use, or adapt for your own purposes.

Boosting Your Building

Making your customers feel comfortable in your building will encourage them to visit more often. If your customers are waiting in the parking lot instead of relaxing in your lobby, you are doing something wrong, and it is time to remodel. Simply adding a nice TV can add some value to your lobby, pair that with free Wi- Fi and a massage chair or two and you suddenly have a great lobby that your customers would love to spend their time in.

Boost Your Tech

Going high tech is a great way to not only increase the bottom line of your business but also increase productivity and customer retention. Car wash controllers should definitely be state of the art. With customers being able to fully understand and work out how to use the car wash controllers with ease. This will let people who are in a rush select their car wash preferences without the need of speaking to employees and greeters.

Host Events

If you can find a way to host events at your car wash, you can make more income as well as give your car wash a unique point of sale. Hosting a car washing frenzy for antique motors will make passer-by’s look at your business, and admire the flashy cars being washed. You might even win over some regular custom from the car owners themselves. Offering the car clubs discount for ten or more vehicles is a sure fire way to bring in some easy business.

Serve Some Burgers

When you think of a car wash, the idea of grabbing a burger while you wait doesn't exactly come to mind. That is exactly why you should consider doing it. Adding something unique to your business will make your stand out from the competition, as well as giving your customers some tasty food while they wait.

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