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eLube’s Powerful Employee and Management Tools

The lube industry is a very unique service, and requires very unique and specific POS software. With great, fast lube software, your employees have more tools at their disposal to provide quick and effective car maintenance, while also gaining the ability to help customers know what issues they’ve had with their car before and what work is most relevant and will help keep their car running smoothly for a long time to come. Combine practical employee and customer information with versatile management components, and the result is eGenuity’s eLube software, which will help you take your lube business to the next level.

Employee Tools

eLube presents a huge advantage with its ability to work on a diverse set of platforms: PC, apple, and android. This means that you or your employees can either work carefully at a desktop, work with a tablet at a customer’s window, or even check a phone for quick and relevant information that will help with an inspection and tune up.

Aside from platform flexibility, eLube features several components that are unique to fast lube software. First is the Chek-Chart: this allows a greeter to meet a customer while they wait comfortably in their car and have a chart of their vehicle with relevant maintenance instructions and guidelines. Letting customers know exactly what you are doing to their car establishes trust, and they will more likely be interested in returning.

eLube also integrates with CARFAX, so this POS software gives you free advertising on public CARFAX reports and you get access to your customers’ inspection and maintenance histories at any shop that uses CARFAX. With this capability, you can welcome new customers to your shop as if you’ve been intimately familiar with their car for a long time.

Management Capabilities

The same multi-platform flexibility that gives your employees a powerful set of tools has even more benefits for you. Get live updates on all your locations at home or even on your phone. Combine various sets of data (labor, salesperson performance, weather, scorecard) to get any of a vast variety of graphical representations that will help you make quick business goals and decisions.

This fast lube software has excellent labor management tools: know where your labor percentages are from any location, give yourself and your employees the ability to check schedules from mobile devices, and meticulously coordinate employee schedules to avoid making errors and preventing any one technician from working too much.

eLube provides all of this and more: there’s no better place to find all the tools you need to accelerate your business to new heights.

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