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eLube’s Reliable Tools and Convenience

With the great functionality and availability of mobile devices, you need effective and sophisticated quick lube software that works across platforms and will give you cutting-edge tools to provide your customers with the best car tune-ups possible. eGenuity’s eLube software gives you the functionality you need to effectively manage your business from anywhere, at any time. Its multitude of quick and effective tools helps you and your employees speed ahead other lube POS software options.

Management Tools

Manage several locations wherever you are with eLube’s platform diversity. With the capability to simultaneously run on PC, Android, and Apple devices, you can view live information from the golf course on your phone, your employees can bring clear and illustrative ticket data to a customer’s window, you or your employees can sit down at a desktop for prolonged and careful work, or you can make quick business goals and decisions on-the-go.

eGenuity’s quick lube software offers any and every management tool that you need to help your business succeed and grow. For example, you can combine various datasets to instantly generate a variety of graphical representations that clearly illustrate your business’ strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to quickly judge what goals to set and any quick decisions you may need to make.

Lastly, keep informed with labor management tools. Check labor percentages at any time from your phone and make snap decisions to cut unnecessary labor costs. Allow yourself or your employees to check schedules at any time and from any location, and use eLube’s powerful scheduling system to take complex variables into account (i.e. availability) and ensure that no employee is overworked.

Employee Tools

Give your employees everything they need to satisfy customers with eGenuity’s quick lube software. eLube and CARFAX cooperate seamlessly, giving you free advertising via CARFAX reports. It also provides access to any customers’ histories at any other shops that use CARFAX, so you can easily welcome new customers like old friends and you can immediately win their repeat business.

The combination of eLube’s ticket screen and mobile support allows your employees to give customers clear pricing information right at their car window. With this software suite, you also get clear and accurate charts that display information relevant to any customer’s vehicle, helping your greeters to explain to a customer exactly what services they will perform to keep their car in top condition.

With all of these features, there is no other quick lube software that can keep up.

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