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Management Made Easy With AutoData Software Applications

Whether the business is a garage, a car wash or a lube and oil change shop having the right AutoData software to track, record and inventory what is going on in real time is always important.

With this option, you don't have to worry about your inventory, the prices being charged, or how to track and record what is done to each vehicle. The AutoData software system will literally track everything for you from as many devices as you want to connect to the system.

Customer Service Superiority

One of the most unique aspects of using an AutoData software system to record, track and bill customers, as well as accept payments, is the mobility factor. The technician can go to the customer with a tablet or smartphone and access all the relevant information.

At the technician's fingertips will be the customer's name, information about the vehicle's service history, as well as any scheduled maintenance requirements. In addition, the technician can simply click on the services to be performed and have all the pricing information instantly available for the customer. Finally, the customer can sign off on the work right from the tablet or smartphone, making it as easy and comfortable as possible for each customer.

Last, and certainly not least, some AutoData software will offer the option for each automotive service facility, car wash or oil and lube station to have their own customized app. This will allow customers to keep track of regular service and their vehicle history, a big selling point and one which will keep customers returning again and again.

Management Effectiveness

As a manager using AutoData software also has its benefits. You can log into a central dashboard and immediately see what is going on in each facility. In addition, the AutoData software allows for inventory maintenance, automatic ordering at specified stock levels, pricing updates and inventory valuation as well as full accounting integration to streamline your data management process.

It is also possible with some types of AutoData software to develop completely customized forms. These can include invoices, service reviews, work orders, receipts and other hard copy documents for your customers. Since they are generated automatically by the system, they will be fully integrated into the vehicle record, making record keeping and retrieval easier than you may have imagined.

Choosing AutoData software for any type of auto industry service business is a smart choice. These systems streamline record keeping and ensure your business is organized, efficient and professional.

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