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Planning For Your New Mobile Oil Change Business

The mobile oil changing business is exploding in popularity, with many aspiring entrepreneurs dropping their 9 to 5 and heading out on their own to forge their own destiny. Owning and running a mobile oil change business can provide a substantial income to the hardworking individual. However, with any business, it is not a blueprint for printing money. A Lot of hard work and learning about quick lube POS software, as well as general business knowledge, goes into creating a business. Below you will find a few areas worthy of your consideration before you launch your business.

To Franchise, Or Not To Franchise?

Welcome to your first area of concern. There are many pros and cons of choosing a franchise or doing things your own way. It mostly depends on your financial situation and personality. Some prefer the comfort and security of starting the business with the established name of a franchise; others prefer full control over the venture. You have to ask yourself what you want from your business. Looking for a quick start up without worrying about branding and marketing? Franchising might be for you; most franchise companies will provide you with the equipment you need, including quick lube POS software. Going your own way means you will have to source your own equipment, purchasing the tools with your own money, or securing a start-up loan to kick start your business.

Papers Please

As with any business, there may be certain licenses and permits you will need to acquire before you can start your business. Check with local municipalities to get the necessary paperwork. You will have to create a contingency plan for the storing of used oil, unfortunately, you can't just dump it in the nearest river. One great tip is to have an onsite storage tank, either at your home or on the work premises. This tank can be filled and emptied periodically; this will save you from disposing the oil on a daily basis.

Help Along The Road

Once your business has its feet wet and starts to grow, you will need employees to help with the workload. Securing a massive fleet contract is great for business, but you will work yourself to death doing all those changes on your own. Hiring staff is simple, you can recruit people who are already trained, or teach apprentices. Remember to factor in these growth costs as you go, this will help you with predicting any cash flow problems you might encounter with wages and costs.

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