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What You Need To Consider When Buying Auto Repair POS Software

With POS (point of sale) software, it is easy to turn a register into a much more useful item in your total inventory and business management system. With top of the line auto repair POS software, it is possible to save time, increase your efficiency in working with customers, and even make overall management much easier.

There are many different options in auto repair POS software. Some offer a limited range of features and functions, and others are much more robust in what they provide. Choosing a more advanced system is always the best option for a small garage or a chain of garages as it provides opportunities for improvement and expansion without the need to replace or upgrade your current software package.

Check Out and Service

Imagine how helpful it would be for your employees to be able to call up the history on a vehicle as it pulls into the garage bay. Your techs will not only be able to have the complete history of work on the vehicle at their fingertips but they will also be able to handle credit card payments and scan barcodes right from the vehicle or where the customer may be in the shop.

With a service selection page and a virtual ticket appearing right on the tablet or smartphone, customers and technicians can be very clear about all services provided through the auto repair POS software. Customers can even leave a digital signature without having to go to the register, making the entire process smooth, effortless, and streamlined.

Dashboard Control

For managers with more than one location or more than one bay, using auto repair POS software which allows mobile access to real-time reports, stats and details of each service allows for quick decision-making and an up to the minute view of what is happening anywhere in the system.

This is not only helpful, but it can assist in dealing with customer questions or concerns. Gone are the days of having to phone around for information, now it just takes logging into the secure auto repair POS software to get all the details on the service or repair provided.

Inventory control is another essential component to a well-rounded auto repair POS software. This ensures when an order for parts is placed through the system it is automatically deducted from your inventory. This provides instant and real-time insight into what products are selling and can also allow you to generate orders to ensure your garage is never out of parts.

At eGenuity, we know the value of top of the line auto repair POS software for your auto repair business. To learn more about how our system can help you be more efficient see us at www.egenuity.

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