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Why Automotive Repair Software is Important

Many shop owners wonder if they need automotive repair software to help them get through the day. You've probably got a system in place that seems to work for you and everyone involved. However, you could be improving your times, getting more customers into the shop, and helping your employees work more proficiently. As with almost everything in life, there is always room for improvement.

Customer Experience

Most consumers don't know or don't care about what goes on in the background. They want a friendly face that talks to them professionally. They also want to be heard and have the repairs done quickly so that they can move on with other errands or get home. They don't want to stand there for minutes while your administrative assistant pulls their file or writes down their information. They also don't want the technician to come back and forth multiple times instead of working consistently on their vehicle.

When you choose automotive repair software, the administrative staff can pull up their account information quickly or add them to the system in seconds. They can also generate receipts and warranty/guarantee information quickly.

The technicians receive the information in the back, which means they don't have to come to the front to get information about the job. They can also look up information they need to do the work, find out which parts are necessary, and make sure they're in inventory.

Therefore, the customer is more satisfied because things seem to run smoothly, even if they don't know all the goings-on of the staff.

Forecast Needs

Because most software lets you schedule appointments and see how many jobs there is each day, you can forecast how many technicians you need in the bay. That way, you're not paying people to stand around or have a backlog because there aren't enough technicians to do the work. Visit the website for more information.

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