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Chek-Chart Integrations

Accurate Parts & Data Everytime

Chek-Chart supplies you with the most accurate and up-to-date vehicle information. Get access to Preventative Maintenance Data, Vin Data, Transmission Illustrations, Inspection Procedures, Wiper Blade Data, Oil Light Reset, & more! Call us to learn more!

  • Preventative Maintenance Data & Service Reviews.
  • Populate vehicle information from the vehicle's VIN code.
  • Oil, Air Filter, Cabin Filters, Serpentine Belts, PCV and Breather Lookups.
  • Oil Light Reset.
  • Easy to view Engine Diagrams, Chassis Diagrams, Oil Light Reset Diagrams.
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Throttle Integrations

Keep Customers Coming Back

Throttle enables you to increase your car count by accurately marketing to your customers with a dynamic set of marketing options and campaigns. Call us today to discuss more about Throttle integrations!

  • Text Notifications.
  • New Customers Campaigns.
  • Thank You Email Campaigns.
  • Survey Campaigns.
  • Monthly Service Update Newsletters.
  • Service Reminders.
  • Reactivation Email Campaigns.
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CARFAX Integrations

Faster & More Accurate With QuickVIN

CARFAX is an absolutely free service that will help boost your business and also gives you free advertising on CARFAX reports. You can use CARFAX to access customers/ service history performed at your location and other shops that use CARFAX. QuickVIN by CARFAX lets you generate a 17-digit VIN by simply entering in the vehicles license plate number and state. Order the correct parts every time and increase efficiency!

  • Advertise your shop for free.
  • Build customer confidence.
  • Keep customers coming back.
  • Get accurate vehicle information.
  • Save on costly VIN scanners.
  • Create a faster staff.

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