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RFID (radio-frequency identification) technology is another innovative feature that can be integrated with your software. Using ezQuickPass™ will guarantee a faster transaction every time. When a customer is enrolled into your subscription program, they will be issued an ezQuickPass™ RFID tag. This tag will be loaded with all of the customer/s information and then adhered to the inside of their windshield. When your customer pulls into your wash, their ezQuickPass™ RFID tag and your RFID antenna will communicate, allowing them to proceed without having to stop and pay. This easy business transaction will allow you to process more customers and create a better customer experience, which leads to more customer/s returning to your wash.

The Benefits
- Faster Transactions
- More Customer Loyalty
- Increased Customer Satisfaction
- Automatically Recharge Customers
- In Subscription Programs.

eGenuity RFID Subscriptions Passes

How It Works
RFID hardware consists of 3 parts. The RFID tag, the RFID antenna, and the RFID reader. When your customer pulls up to your carwash, your RFID antenna sends a signal to the customers RFID tag, which then bounces back to the RFID antenna. This information is then sent to the RFID reader to be processed. Then our software recognizes the customer/s unique tracking and allows them into the wash.

eGenuity RFID Subscriptions Unlimited Passes

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