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Monthly Memberships

Guaranteed Monthly Revenue

Monthly memberships are the best way to guarantee recurring revenue for your car wash even when the weather isn't ideal. Having 1000 customers on a recurring $45 plan generates $45,000 of recurring revenue for your car wash! Our License Plate Recognition solution allows you to sell and track customers without any human intervention. Additionally, you can use our RFID tracking system, cards, or windshield stickers to track your customers.

  • Automatically Recharge Customers Each Month.
  • Set Renewal Frequency. Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-yearly, or Yearly.
  • Multiple Tracking Options. License Plate, RFID Tags, Stickers, or Cards.
  • Encourages Loyalty So You Can Keep More Customers!
  • Custom Branded RFID Tags, Cards, Or Stickers.
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Gift Card Programs

Boost Your Revenue

Selling gift cards is a great way to generate more revenue for your business and keep gift card customers coming back. Our gift card program lets you sell fixed values as well as variable amounts so you can load as much or as little as you would like. Customers can even purchase and load gift cards directly from our JX-Series Pay Station!

  • Fixed Or Variable Amounts. Sell Any Value Of Card!
  • Discount Card Options. Sell a $50 card for $45 or etc.
  • Sell Combo Cards Loaded With Services/Goods.
  • Custom Branded Gift Cards.
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Loyalty Programs

Keep Your Customers

Keeping your customers coming back is critical for your business. Loyalty programs create an incentive for your customers to keep using your services! Our loyalty program comes with several incentive based tracking methods. Our design team will work with you to create custom branded loyalty cards or windshield stickers!

  • Incentivize Your Customers To Keep Coming Back!
  • Point Based Tracking. Points Are Earned & Redeemed.
  • Count Based Tracking. "Buy 10, Get 1 Free".
  • Date Based Tracking. Discounts Based On Return Frequency.
  • Dollar Based Tracking. Points Are Earned Based On Amount Spent.
  • Birthday Discount. Give A Discount On Your Customers' Birthdays.
  • Custom Branded Loyalty Cards or Tags.
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Email Marketing

Automatically Email 1000's Of Customers

Smartly email 1000's of your customers at once! Our powerful email marketing tool is loaded with many different campaign options to keep in contact with your customers. Once you setup your email campaigns, emails are then sent out automatically!

  • Reach 1000's Of Customers At Once!
  • Includes Welcome Campaigns, Thank You Emails, Customer Return Emails, Email Blasts, Service Reminder Emails, Birthday Emails, & Recurring Service Emails.
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Accounts Receivable Module

Less Hassle & More Efficient Fleets

Our AR Module allows your fleet customers to pay statements online and eliminates the hassle of manually tracking down each customer to collect payment!

  • Customers Can Easily Access & View Tickets/Statements Online.
  • Customers Can Pay Fleet Accounts Online.
  • Less Hassle Manually Collecting Payments From Fleets.
  • Customers Can See Monthly/Yearly Savings.
  • Manage From Your Desktop, Tablet, or Smartphone.
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Gated Entry

Control Your Tunnel Traffic

Control your traffic and prevent pile ups with our integrated gates. Our gated system works perfectly with our pay stations and is ideal for both single and multi-lane setups.

  • Control Traffic Flow.
  • Perfect For Single or Multiple Lanes.
  • Works With Your Pay Stations.
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Network In A Box

EMV Network Compliance

Our Network-In-A-Box offers a highly secure way to operate your network from attacks as well as physical intrusions. Coming pre-loaded with security features and settings to make your network PCI compliant. It also includes power over Ethernet (POE), allowing devices to be powered without having to run additional AC Lines, or calling an electrician.

  • All-In-One Locking Enclosure.
  • PCI DSS V3.2 Compliant.
  • Advanced Firewall.
  • Secure Wireless.
  • Battery Backup For Power Outages.
  • 24-Port Managed POE Switch.
  • Easy Installation.
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