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At eGenuity, we are in a constant state of upgrading our program. We listen to the requests of customers and do our best to make the program work as they wish.

As can be imagined, when the program was new, there were many requests. Now that the program has matured, we seem to be performing more "slick improvements" versus needed requirements.

We distribute releases at least once a month and often twice a month. It is NOT necessary to take each release because you can always update later. We feel this is necessary to satisfy the wants of the customer base and we are always excited to hear new ideas. We have some of the best programmers in the world. As a matter of fact, one of our DBA's was the first to be certified in Oracle, Sybase, and SQL Server all at the same time.

WARNING: Don't get talked into buying older technology! This is rated as the biggest mistake that software purchasers make.

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