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eGenuity does not believe that software companies should "force" customers to buy proprietary hardware. Purchase your hardware from us, or you can purchase your own. A computer is a wonderful tool and we realize you might want to use it for more than just running our software.

That is why we are a certified reseller of Dell equipment but also give customers the option to purchase their own systems. This way, customers will be able to choose an affordable, reliable option that works for them. If replacement hardware is needed, you will NEVER be forced to put more money into proprietary systems. The choice is yours! However, we also have our own "Turn Key" solutions available.

-We are a software company! We are not going to force you to buy equipment from us!
-You can buy it from us if you want to!
-We will help you with any hardware purchase!
-We are a certified reseller of Dell equipment.


- Powerful handheld options.
- Integrate your Apple and Android devices.
- Purchase hardware from us or own your own.
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Handhelds and Printers


- Signature pads, VIN scanners,and more!
- Complete turn-key systems.
- No proprietary hardware!
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POS Hardware


- Powerful kiosk software.
- Customizable kiosks.
- RFID subscriptions and unlimited passes.
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Kiosks and RFID Tech


- PLC based.
- Non-proprietary hardware.
- Flash memory backup.
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Car Wash Controllers

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